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I can do Irate, all by myself

If you calling to bring me your irate, save your dime.

I can do irate, all by myself.

And if you want to compare irate, I can probably give you one of my own, and raise you an extra one, for each one of yours that you want to put on the table. For each thing you declare you ain’t going to do, I can match with one I dont want to do, but go ahead and deal with so I can get ahead on my situation.

And when I tell you that you need to focus on your blessings, and suggest a lesson I see that you might want to learn, you are likely to tell me that I sound stoopid as f***, or accuse me of being sarcastic, and then you will hang up on me.

Like I said, save your dime.

Because, not only can I do irate all by myself, I can tell myself all the stupid mistakes I did to get me in my irate situation, and I can tell myself the lessons I need to learn too, that sound sarcastic to you, and get busy and count my blessings to get my brain more positive, to figure out a way out of my irate.

All by myself.

If you want me to be free to help you find some solutions, feel free to call. You want to be a part of working on some solutions together, that could work too, I probably can suggest some great ideas.

I am happy to share and empathize with you, and suggest some solutions.

But dont call me to wallow in your irate situation, and not let me speak about solutions, or think I will let you get away with being disrespectful if I speak up. That’s what I ain’t going to do.

I can wallow in my own irritation all by myself.

You’ve been warned.

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