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To Jefferson Nunn: Like Dr. John McDougall says, “I don’t use the term vegan. Doritos and coca-cola is a vegan diet. That’s why I say a whole foods plant based diet, with no added oils.”

Despite the privatization and outsourcing of military meal prep, if the military wanted to, they could create a mil-spec regarding how those meals are prepared so that they reflect the best food science. But they dont seem to want to spend the time to do that.

Like all those legal drugs help the soldier any more than they help the people burgeoning the West Coast Bum Explosion. Inserting my remarks about sometimes the military seems more concerned about having enough cannon fodder than anything else.

All that being said, the local Coast Guard base in Petaluma, (ironically miles inland from the coast!) hosts a really excellent culinary school. And the public is invited to partake in the buffet for a very reasonable price. I was served dinner on Christmas by the base commander. The food was absolutely excellent.

But I would not rate the meal very high as far as health, at least according to the Forks Over Knives crowd, which is my preference for the best science based diet currently available.

Still I was able to enjoy a vegetarian meal by skipping the quail entree, even if there were too much sweets and oils included as I helped myself liberally to a couple of different pies they had offered.

But yes, the science has been pretty well established. Our knowledge of biochemistry is ever expanding, but on many basics is unlikely to be contradicted on things like whether the body can turn sugars directly into fats (a commonly repeated myth, in reality our liver doesnt have the right pathways to do that in an amount any more than a very few grams day). McDougall: “The fat you eat is the fat you wear.” The kind of reversal on health parodied in the movie Sleeper is very unlikely to happen.

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