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Drones and Video Aerial Photography

Things to research:

  • Video editing software
  • drone scene ideas


    • The safety of your delivery also requires the FAA and Department of Justice to take a bold stand and prosecute any redneck shotgun toting rebel with no cause who takes a pot shot at that drone because they don’t like ’em. Without such prosecution, Jimbo Larry Wannabe Merideth is going to be a threat to the national airspace, neighborhood tranquility, and the successful delivery of that product you needed ASAP.
    • Fortunately for drone service providers many real estate firms saw the value of unmanned aircraft. MLS listings almost overnight required some aerial shots of homes and property for sale. Realtors who were anxious to showcase not just the features of the home in the listings but also of the communities at large would begin utilizing UAS to capture aerial photographs and videos that clearly showed proximity of the homes to schools, banks, parks, and waterfront. The adoption of drones for aerials in listings was no mistake. Realtors quickly realized that properties that included drone photos in their lists sold faster and at a higher dollar than those that did not. Consumers were appreciating the added value provided by the drone’s perspective.
    • Insurance industry’s usage of UAS. Let’s be clear, UAS offer a great value to the insurance industry. Insurance costs go down as risks are reduced. Being able to inspect damage to a roof without need for a ladder, assessing damages en mass after a devastating hurricane without having to forge through the unknown depths of flood waters, and being able to calculate the probabilities of construction site accidents through analysis of detailed aerial 3D mapping and modeling all help mitigate risk factors.
    • TFRs were installed over Ferguson, Missouri throughout the unrest disallowing both aerial insurance assessment of property damages along with first amendment right journalist overview concerning the Michael Brown shooting death.
  • - Inaccuracies place YOU at risk! You can’t afford to trust AirMap - thatdroneblog Uncategorized November 10, 2018 7 Minutes
    • For drone operators both new to the hobby and professionals flying daily to make ends meet having an application that accurately details the airspace requirements for their planned flight location is essential. Operators should expect the application they are using will delineate the location of nearby airports, temporary area flight restrictions, along with class of airspace and airport contact information. Users understand that inaccuracies of such data have legal consequences that place themselves, their UAS, and manned aircraft in the vicinity at risk.
  • Commercial sUAS Operators Pay Attention to that Single Gram
    • Mentions failing a ramp check
      • The FAA began ramp checks on UAS operators this year by issuing quotas to their Aircraft Safety Inspectors (ASI) via the directive of N 8900.504 (recently updated with 1800.56T). Specifically, the FAA was calling for ASI’s to target specific areas across the nation and perform surveillance on UAS operators and write Enforcement Investigative Reports (EIR).
      • the UAS operator must produce their full and complete set of waivers INCLUDING having the application they made to requesting each waiver affixed (paperclip or staple) to the approval document.
    • standard paperclip weighs approximately 1 gram.
    • FAA enforcement also means denying legal flights.

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