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The 48 Hour eFast Diet

A good friend encouraged me to not endure any mental prisons, and to think independently.

As a result, I am going to try the 48 hour eFast diet. Upon much research, I am now convinced that e, and e-ism, is the root of many modern day issues.

For the next 48 hours I will attempt to free myself from dependence on the letter e. I reserve the right to not read, and therefore ignore, any book, article, story, agreement, contract, policy, headline, message, text, or sign, that includes the letter e.

Thank you.

In an ffort to not contribut to th problm, I am also going to attmpt to fr myslf from th tyranny of using th lttr following “d” in all of its forms.

This has bn an official notification from Garnt Chany. He approvs of this mssag.

Are you independent?

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