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A new client needed a website, and I suggested he use an easy online website builder. I could help him get it started, then turn it over to him to maintain.

He asked me for a portfolio of my websites. Huh? I used to own more than 400 domain names. I aint asking to do anything like that for you. I am just getting you started on building a website using a simple website builder. I ain't intending on designing any templates or doing any graphic design beyond maybe resizing your existing photos. If you do some laughable thing for me to laugh at, I might remember to get out my camera phone and shoot a photo of it. Beyond that, you are on your own!

But I got to thinking about some of my past projects, and thought I might put together a short list of fun stuff.

Current Website Projects

  • Donut Inspired - the combination of donuts and motivation. As of June 2019, it is hosted on GoDaddy website builder. It irks me that I am probably paying by the month to maintain it there. I am just not irked enough yet to move it to something on my own server. . - Yeah I know its really distracting to try and read the home screen text with a background pic that is a large array of donuts.

So many other things to add:

  •, sitemaker, amazon book stores, sample ebay ads for collectible book stores, twatsleuth, oojas.

My First Selfie of My Cat Katya and I

This was possibly the first digital picture I ever took. It was taken with the Apple QuickTake 100 that Apple brought to market in 1994, just in time for the beginning of the World Wide Web. “ Fully automatic and sold as an easy-to-use digital camera for consumers, one of the first available.” It had a 640×480 maximum resolution, 1MB of ram, and at the setting I used it could hold 16 photographs, enough to “fill the screen on the 13-inch VGA monitors of the day.” This is a picture of me and my cat Katya. Photo of Garnet and Katya, used as a logo on

Interesting things I found in the archives of my websites

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