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“This is actually one of the most appealing internet sites I have actually ever before found. That is incredibly appealing since of its distinct material and also amazing write-ups.” - Stacey


One Funnel Away Challenge January 2021

How To Subscribe To These Class Notes * Look Over Garnet's Shoulder

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Week 2 - Mission 5 Notes

Partial notes… Not finished yet!! More later! :)

Length: 46 minutes

 .... More notes here ....


  • Upsells
  • 30% of the people were saying yes to $297 upsell, whereas only 3% would have accepted
  • “Buyer in motion will stay in motion”
  • make friction on the first page as low as possible to get the buyers
    • next page, sell the product, $297 - much easier, they already said yes, next yes so much easier
    • already sold them on the core concept.
  • Sales video to sell $7 thing is way more difficult than the $297 thing
  • spend all the work selling the cheap iorresistible offer… the copy for the upsell is easier “you got this first thing already, you
  • “Always a method to the madness”


  • 100 visitor test
    • Selling $197 product on a page - 100K visitors. Upsel to $97
      • 2% bought
      • 20% bought upsell
    • flipped it around, low ticket 15%, upsel, 20% bought - 20% of 15% was a lot bigger.
 .... More notes here ....


  • Done with you - uopsell
  • Last is do it for you - we talk about this next week.
  • For do it with you
    • doodle of us sitting at desk
    • dream customer is looking over your shoulder, “over the shoulder coaching program”
    • Not creating all new content, teaching same thing
    • Turn flagship framework (1 hour for its steps) we now take its steps
      • telling initial origin story. 30 sec, 10 min, exactly how to do it
      • this is module #1 - full hour for a step
      • deep dive on just first step in the training
      • becomes over the shoulder coaching program
  • We have been doing this in OFA
    • one pager - where russell does each step with you, looking over shoulder, does it with us
  • upsell is not a whole new product or whole new course. upsell is the book.
  • Actual examples
    • - $7 version of framework
      • could be 3 min, 10 min, or one hour
      • Team is now doing split testing! Russell frustrated! :)
      • showing offer stack
        • $7 the first value stack, first framework
      • after someone buys it - upsell page
        • thank you for ordering - i promise something you will love
        • one more thing people hear me, and …..
        • taking perfect webinar, and 10x secrets, a bump to 6 hours mastercast, each step hour by hour $297
        • Deeper dive of concepts
        • upsell offer swipe - increasing value
    • Content multiplier formula:
      • turned his presentation into a book - printed it out, and stapled - free plus shipping
      • content multipler framework - do it yourself
      • Peng Joon
      • Upsell is done with you version - upsell page. -5 huge bonusses
      • very cool image of template $7
        • strategy - master class - detail behind every step
        • cool content multiplier image, showing each step and how they turn into full videos
        • chance to work directly with the person
  • Goal
  • Plan for this weekend
    • If we were to teach our framework, wanted me to teach a class, pay to go deeper
    • how many classes to make it longer format?
      • what would it look like
 .... More notes needed here ....
  • We have hopefully realized we are doing more than just selling products
  • DONT BE STRESSED! Just create the first one and plug it in. Perfectionists relax! :)
    • Russells first $1000 course - 79 people
    • so excited - going to over deliver - 8 modules
    • did a 9th, 10th, more more 18 modules
    • Someone wanted a refund because they were upset that the course never ends!
  • Highest completion work ever on this class!
  • Many are keeping up! Many trying to catch up.
  • “The onepagers will not disappear!” - Russell
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