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OFA Day 03 - Week 1 Mission 3

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Day 3 Week 1 Mission 3

Strategy Video Link: Question Help Session: - 876 comments

  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Ask Questions At: On the thread of the Q/A session video. After the call go to the mission control thread

Table of contents

  • Strategy Video Notes
  • Tactics - Homework Instruction Video
  • Q/A Session Video Notes
  • One Pager For Today - Template
    • Brainstorming
    • Extra Training Notes
    • List of Extra Training Videos and Notes
  • One Pager Filled Out For –Business Segment–
  • My Work / Action Items / Brainstorms During Class
    • Today's One Pager work for –Business Segment–
    • Other stuff

Strategy Video Notes

  • Welcome to Day #3
  • Today we are going to talk about your irresistible offer
  • Going thru the comments
    • Goal: Help you get unstuck
  • On day #1 you given a roadmap - broad overview
    • Everyone is freaking out about step 92!
    • Stop, just focus on here!
    • Dont talk about order form bumps right now! STOP!
    • I am taking you in strategic order, step by step by step
  • Just in time learning!
    • Don't try to understand step 92 right now
  • Not allowed to focus on the next steps until you finish the current step.
    • Tons of unanswered questions now: It's ok. Stop worrying about them
  • The only thing you should have done yesterday is to figure out your sexiest framework, and the 3 to 5 step framework for it.
    • What are the steps
    • record the framework
  • When Russel says something, pause and do just that thing. Do just what he says to do. later we will map those things out.
    • Just do the thing Russell is telling you what to do.
      • Later will show you physical product
  • Right now don't stress about things, just do the current thing.


  • Congratulations to those who picked the sexiest framework,
  • How many got nervous, freaked out, went to bed?
    • Probably only ten percent finished it
    • The rest got worried, and scared
  • This funnel will not be your giant million dollar idea!
  • This will be your potato gun DVD! Goal is to learn the process, not make money! That will come eventually when you do it repeatedly and hit the winner!
    • Keep trying, 1,2, 3, 4
    • You wont make the perfect funnel this time
  • Your first funnel will be horrible
    • expert secrets - your first one will suck because you dont have the expertise. it will be embarassing.
    • That is ok.
    • You made the first one, a second, a third
    • Just start!
    • you can make more and they will get better
  • Just do the first thing.
  • Potato gun was sexiest framework Russell could think of
  • Potato gun was the start - it was the only thing he could think of
  • Get the stand to hold your phone! Dont worry about it doesnt make a perfect video
  • One of your ideas will hit, But not until you get the skillset
  • Objection from ecommerce friends: I am not selling courses, I am selling physical products
    • Understand this: We look at business different
    • You are coming into a new world of the funnel world!
    • Other people think a product is a business
    • A product is just a piece of a framework
    • The dream customer just cares about a result
    • No its not in the funnels world - it is just a piece
  • I am in the business of getting this type of person this result.
  • Click funnel is a platform, a product singular
  • Your product is just one thing that helps them get a result
  • My mission is not to get people software. That is a step in the framework.
  • Our mission - we free you through training, books, etc.


  • Old school marketing:
    • Most people thought people came to you because they wanted to buy your product
      • example: they want to buy a drill
    • Wrong:
      • That is a piece
    • People are buying results
    • Why they come to you:
      • What you customer really wants is to put a hole in the wall! That is the result. They just want a hole in the wall!
  • Every business has a framework.
  • Some it is crappy: I just sell a drill.
  • Clickfunnels is a drill.
    • Russells frameworks are the way to get you a result and success
  • bone broth could be surrounded with a 5 day protein challenge, and bone broth is just a piece of it.


  • Credit card knives
    • Strange fact: Perry and Ryan's credit card knife is the most confiscated item in history
    • When you buy my thing - you also get my framework - increases the perceived value
      • the ten skills you need
    • a lot of knock offs, sell a product just a commodity. But decommoditize it by attaching it to your framework, increases value, makes it so you are the only one who has the framework. Price becomes irrelevant. Your own proprietary frameworks are import.
  • In commodity market - all you can do is lower your price - terrible
    • instead make a framework
  • two longer videos in the one pager today
  • Talking about yesterday assignment
    • work on assignment
    • you have today to re-record your framework
    • next two days - rachel miller - helping you set up traffic structure. Build up your followers and engagement
    • This weekend you will have time
    • On Monday we start selling the framework
    • This week to start figuring out the product side of this.
  • How do I make it in there mind so the $7 thing is worth $700
  • How do we increase the perceived value of what you are selling
  • WE shift from just selling a product - to creating an offer - or an irresistible offer.
  • The more things I stack into the offer, the higher the perceived value goes.
  • An offer helps your customer believe your product is much more valuable.
  • How to make an irresistible offer - By adding framework to a product, that is how to get the customer to say “Wow, that is so cheap!”
  • Dream customer, what is the result
    • what would I do for my parents if they joined click funnels.
      • first thing
      • third thing - cool course
      • fourth thing - all the things they need to be successful to get the result - these become all the different parts inside the offer stack
  • Offer stack
    • Webinar funnel - added to stack
    • teach people to drive traffic - added to stack
    • things to increase perceived value of this offer we are making for them!
  • Core product will be the flagship framework
    • It is not always a framework we include. It could be software. It could be supplements, checklists, guides
  • frameworks should be the easiest thing to create
    • what is my step by step process, etc.
  • Come and watch the tactics video for today
    • russell's tactical video
      • Offer stack slides, vision of what we are building on today
      • Core result, splinter frameworks, the offers the total value
      • Stack slide - example of an offer stack….
      • 6 frameworks they get when they buy the book - increasing the value
        • the book is $9.95
        • I want to increase the percieved value, so everyone has to buy this book
        • you get all these other things when you buy from russell instead of amazon
        • $609.95 for free, just cover $10 shipping and handling
      • so what are the other things you can include in your offer to increase its value
    • Two videos
      • 1st video - Offer hacking - how to research other peoples offers. How to look for other peoples frameworks
      • 2nd video - greatest showman
        • see how Russell takes a $5 product and increases its value to hundreds, thousands, even a million bucks. So $100 seems cheap for this $5 product!
        • This is how business owners do it. You dont sell a drill. You bundle other stuff to increase the result
          • people will walk by other drills to buy yours!
        • how people offered $500K for russells phone!
  • Jim has training and software to take titles of everything in offer stack to make them sexy
  • we need to have to create our frameworks
    • record a framework of teaching how to do it
    • you have a couple of days to create all the products
  • Helping you figure out what you have today, what to offer, and increase the value.
  • Tomorrow: Rachel Miller coming back to help you make foundation for your traffic while you are working on your products and offer.
    • You will get a set of replays of strategy videos!

Tactics - Homework Instruction Video

Link: In the one pager

  • Length:

Q/A Session Video Notes

Question Help Session: - 876 comments

  • Length: 2 hours
  • Time: Noon PST to 2PM
  • Welcome
    • Morag Brand teaching
    • an assistant introducing the call: Shame
  • Please leave some comments about what you learned today on todays training
  • Welcome aboard on the live consulting call
  • One pager problem fixed today - clear cookies


  • These implementation calls are every day at 3PM eastern
  • You are encouraged to attend this, they are super powerful


  • We used to have people fill out the mission control form. But it caused hiccups…. So instead, if you have any questions, during this call, please leave the questions in the FB thread of this video.
    • If you have questions after the training: There is a thread in the units section called “Mission Control” - Consultants, Morag, Eli, and Lee, will go through them.
  • Reminder: The best place, the most important tab… What is it? UNITS - It has all the info it
    • If you dont know where things are at, look in the units section.
    • The reason we do that, is we want to distract you from distraction.
    • #FunnelVision
    • Log into Facebook every day, login to the actual group, and go immediately to the units section. Everything is consolidated there, everything is there, all the contents, including Russell's video. Today is Week 1, Mission 3, and you can pull up his post. Same thing for coaching calls, accountability groups



  • Wow - Day 3


  • Today's schedule
    • Quick recap of days 1 and 2
    • Offer hacking 101
    • Today's one pager
    • Open Q&A throughout the session


  • People are buying results
    • Your product is not your offer
    • Instead think about this: **I can help X do/get Y


  • Examples of I can help X do / get Y

…Video continues for 2 hours…

One Pager For Today - Template

One Pager Link:

Day #3 - Creating your irresistable offer stack…

Slide of Core Results, Splinter framework, and how each splinter is an offer in the offer stack.

Example of an offer stack




What Are The Other Products / Frameworks That You Can Include In Your Offer Stack?

  • Your Flagship Framework
    • The first part of your offer is always your flagship framework…

Second, third, fourth, fifth products in your offer

Extra Training Notes

List of Extra Training Videos and Notes

Making your offer stack irresistible

One Pager Filled Out For --Business Segment--

Business segements: Health Encyclopedia Sales, Aerial Photography Prints, etc.

My Work / Action Items / Brainstorms During Class

Today's One Pager work for --Business Segment--

Other stuff



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