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Note: Needs to be inserted in new OFA template format

NOTE: This page notes added on 5/3 doesnt seem to sync with prior presentation. Original presentation in January 2021 was redone, the notes from 5/3 may go better on the redo.

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OFA Day 01 Week 1 - Mission 1 - Rough Draft

ofa_day_template ver.:2020/05/03-m


Day #01 - Week 01 Mission 01

Strategy Video Link: link

  • Length: 1hr 22 minutes (10 minute header, 1 hr 5 minutes training, then a tail)
  • Timestamps below are from the start of the video, 10 minutes in.

One Pager link: link

Additional helpful things:

  • Mission Control (Guide 5) For Week 1: Week 1 Questions Go Here! link
  • Russell's Training (Replays) - Week 1 - link
  • Russell's Training (Replays) - Week 2 - link
  • Russell's Training [Replays] - Week 3 - link
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  • Implementation call replays (Guide 6) - Link to unit
    • Day 1 with Morag - link
  • FB One Funnel Away Challenge For May 3rd, 2021 -

Table of contents

  • Strategy Video Notes
  • Tactics - Homework Instruction Video
  • Q/A Session Video Notes
  • One Pager For Today - Template
    • Tactics/Homework Instructions Video
    • Brainstorming
    • Extra Training Notes - TITLE
    • List of Extra Training Videos and Notes
  • One Pager Filled Out For –Business Segment–
  • My Work / Action Items / Brainstorms During Class
    • Today's One Pager work for –Business Segment–
    • Other stuff

Strategy Video Notes

Presenter: Russell Brunson

Said 5000 people live (this was the January 2021 training). Some are lifelong funnel challenge people doing it every month.

  • 30 days start every day at 9am. Also training call to answer questions.
    • Recordings will be in the facebook group
  • Class video is the strategy video
    • OnePager includes a video, it is the tactical, implementation doing the homework assignment
    • Live training available in the afternoon
    • Over 70,000 students have gone through OFA

Statistical proof: People who go through OFA make more money in ClickFunnels


  • Five Day Lead Challenge - fundamental foundational things
  • A Funnel Hacker - new breed of entrepreneur
    • They look at business differently
    • Funnelhackers - define their own destiny, create their own luck
    • Smarter, leaner, faster, and free
    • Obsessed with our “THING”
    • Bringing something you are passionate about. It is your art. It is what you are obsessed with. We are obsessed with our business.
    • We are even more obsessed with the marketing of our art. This is how we amplify our art
      • Marketing is how we make sure our art doesnt just sit on the shelf
    • Russell gift is to give us the tools to take our art and amplify it out into the art - this will be a second to none marketing education!
    • This is the stuff that actually works today. Not just theories from 100 years ago. This is LIVE!
    • A funnelhacker believes their business is a calling
      • IF you understand how important your thing is, you will go all out to do it.
      • “Call of contribution” - you have been called to serve this group of people.
  • Russel Brunson marriage starting out story. (his speech cadence slowed down)
    • Telling his fertility story - 19 years ago
    • Russell was doing wrestling practice
    • Boys are 16 years old now
    • “I am going to do whatever it takes to get my message out to change the lives of the people I have been called to serve”
    • Russells mission has been to serve entrepreneurs. To help us with our God given talents to serve the people we have been called to serve.
  • Our super power may have become second nature to us
    • Something inside of you that can change people's lives. It seems simple to you
  • a funnel hacker believes they have a calling, their business is a calling, they can change the lives of those they have been called to serve


  • Funnel hackers are in control of their destiny.
    • “venture capital” is a four letter word
    • “bootstrap” is their middle name
  • can bootstrap, dont need to go take a big loan
    • no safety net
    • no venture capital
  • entrepreneur by birth / funnel hacker by choice
  • #OverDeliver - overdeliver in every situation in life
  • Focus on over delivery!
  • Over deliver in every aspect, your life and business will grow.


  • This will be review for people who completed the 5 day lead challenge
    • Figuring out a framework
    • making a lead magnet and giving it away for free

Example: Jamie Cross - Soap Business

  • Went through Russell new book Expert Secrets, and tried several tweaks on perfect webinar for her soap company. Tried it several times. 5 minute version of the perfect webinar. Got into two comma club quickly.
    • If you get stuck, go into the coaching calls, implementation calls.
  • Business is getting a result for the customer
  • First step in business: Figuring out this question: Who is your dream customer? Who have you been called to serve?
    • Wrong way is to start with a business. We dont start with a product and look around for people who want it. This is very hard.
      • The secret is to look at who have you been called to serve
      • Everything you do is based on what are they looking for, what is the result they are trying to get. What is the end result?
      • Examples:
        • Dentist: Straight, clean, white teeth
        • chiropractor: spine
        • coach: helping them
    • right way is to figure out customer avatar - who are you called to serve
    • First step; Who is my customer? who am I called to serve
  • 2nd Step: What is the big result? How do you change their life?
    • The tug: The call of contribution - I feel like I can help other people!
      • Who are we helping? It is often who we were 5 years ago. What path did we go through, what was our step by step process to get a result.
        • This is what Russell calls a framework - the process we went through to get the result
        • We are excited to other people the steps, the map, how to get to the result
    • We go on a journey, then we want to show others how to go on the journey, and get the same result that they want too
  • Russell taught his process for making his DVD, and he got better and better at teaching it
  • Dentists might think they dont have a framework - but they do - they went to school somewhere to learn - their service is probably just one piece of a framework that includes tooth brushing, etc.
    • Some people just sell the product - it is better to sell the product that helps get the results with the product
    • People who make the most money in survival are the ones who teach a process, the products are almost just incidental, getting their products is just one step in the framework.


  • Ways to present frameworks:
    • 1 - In a book - go do it yourself
      • example: 30 days book - what is the step by step process to get back on top - book has 30 frameworks
      • book, or a video, or a PDF report
      • Give them a framework, they go and figure out how to do it themselves
    • 2 - Do it with you
      • Example: OFA - Russell doing it with us. It is the same framework, but Russell is doing it with us
      • Examples: course, workshop, challenge
    • 3 (tier of value) - Do it for you
      • A service
      • example: Come to Boise and Russell builds a funnel for you
      • Examples: coaching
  • This this funnel, we will be taking the framework and doing different versions of it


How do these tie into the funnel we are creating over the next 30 days?

  • 1 - do it yourself
  • 2 - do it with you
  • 3 - done for you
  • There are many kinds of funnels you can created, but we will do a simple funnel
  • 5 day lead challenge - is a two page squeeze funnel

We will be building a very basic funnel:

  • Video of ourselves selling our framework for $7
    • perfect webinar secrets is one of Russell's $7 funnels
    • do it yourself version
  • upsell page: offering the same thing in a “done with you” version
    • a six module course
    • a course we do together - going deeper - $97 - $200
    • done with you
  • 2nd upsell: done for you version
    • coaching call / implementation call
    • $497 - $25K or beyond

Everyday we will focus on one page, and see how others have done each of these things to see where we are going.


One more thing, a byproduct

Values shift when going from each page to the next

Order form bump - a byproduct

  • earnings from this typically pays all Russell's facebook ad costs.
  • this is a secret of online marketing
  • Order form bump was added 2 years ago
  • Guy who sold nothing as his order form bump for $10 - 3% of the people were happy to pay $10 for it
  • Order form bump - something from
  • $27 to $37

As we are creating the framework, there is a by product

  • Book: Rework
  • Russell reading “sell your byproducts” chapter
  • When you make something, you always are also making something else
  • Everything has a byproduct - lumber industry - using sawdust, wood chips, are used in various ways.
  • people at a lumber company have to see their waste
  • Last book “Getting Real” was a byproduct. it was from the experience of building a company and building software was waste compared to the actual work. But we turned it into a book, and it made lots of money for the company. Made millions for 37 signals
  • Rock band Willco - documentary of their creative process and infighting - stepping stone to wider audience
  • Kingsford charcoal
  • Software companies dont usually think about writing books, or bands recording their process

Funnels are selling frameworks

  • What is my charcoal? What is my saw dust
  • Recording audio version of book - order form bump
  • Webinar secrets - the slides - the order form bump


Inside funnel, selling one framework

  • then the framework byproduct, then the done with you, and done for you
  • we will create this over the next 30 days - step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4

This is a map of where we are going. Funnel for a framework you have created in the past, or a new framework we create together.

Some people dont know what their big idea is…

So look at it this way: This next 30 days is like an experiment - we are testing this out

Russell first product was how to make a potato gun - no skills, he had no results to start with

Russell tells story about springbreak, while wrestling in college, spring break, another guy getting supported by his wife

  • they didn't know what to do
  • his friend got the idea of making a potato gun
  • they googled
  • went to home depot to buy the part
  • built a bunch of potato guns
  • next weekend - went out shooting them with their wives
  • Now back to real life
  • Going to class at Boise State
  • Russell think “this isn't going to work. I dont know anything.”
  • then Russell realized he knew how to make potato guns - that is something he knows that other people dont know
  • He went to overture and discovered 18,000 were searching for this, per month, people trying to get this same result
  • Wow, 18,000 want to learn this! What if I create a product out of my framework?
  • So he thought about creating a product out of his framework
  • Got a camera, filmed themselves doing all the steps
  • The first version is a test to learn the steps in the process

It wont be perfect, but that is ok.


Goal is to learn all the pieces

Then Russell started selling the do it yourself version

  • then the ad costs started increasing
  • a friend suggested an upsell - like McDonalds
  • McDonalds makes more money off the upsells, the fries and coke
  • How about selling a Potato Gun Kit?
  • Figure out how to make a kit and send it out…. Russell found someone already selling a kit, so he teamed up with them.
  • Russell added an upsell page for $197 to sell the potato gun kit

But, the market is small

So got into speed reading:

  • speed reading expert to create all these things….

couponing business

got into supplements

  • the supplements

network marketing company

  • someone else owns the product. But this is ok. What is the end result people want.
  • what are the steps
  • make your own framework - one of the steps in the framework is to buy certain products
  • get the customers, then refer them to the network marketing company

what is the result that my dream clients want?

  • your product is one piece of that puzzle

What about people buying clothing?

  • What is the purpose for getting dressed up - create a framework
  • if you are the expert in this buisness, you have already gotten the result, and you can sell all kinds of products around that result

Dont stress. Just relax and go on the journey with Russell - Over 1000 people have won 2 comma club award inside click funnels

what is the framework you should create

simplify and break it down:

  • Within your business there is always a big result, and ultimate result
  • what kind of funnel? a million things involved in that
  • The dream thing you can do for your client is usually big
  • so we arent selling the ultimate result on the front end
  • for someone to get the ultimate result, what are all the things they need
    • Those things are core results


  • on the way to ultimate result - core results
    • core results
      • all kinds of them that lead up to the ultimate result
  • The thing that was a magic for Russell: Sales Funnels
    • Russell had to tell people about this thing
    • Sales seminars, Russell kept talking, sharing, waiting for the people to be ready
    • What are the things that can help people get the result faster.
    • More books to help people… OFA Challenge - lots of things to help people get the result faster - create products, services, tools, to get them that result
  • Lots of ways to look at this
    • In 5 day lead challenge - lots of results you can get people
    • What is the ultimate result you want to get for your dream customer?
      • “help someone grow their business with sales funnels”
    • What is the ultimate result?
      • Often the ultimate result is not that sexy.
    • Next tier below is core results that lead to the ultimate result
  • Core results
    • the various sub results that lead to the ultimate result
      • teach people to make products
      • make webinars
      • copywriting, how to tell story
      • drive more traffic to website
      • A bunch of these core result that lead to
        • easier to sell core result: Want more traffic to your website?

Showing his book set - that is an ultimate result, each book is a core result - and how each core result contributes to the ultimate results

  • What are our versions of each of his books?
  • Core results (breaks down more)
    • Within core results are splinter frameworks
      • Look at DOTCOM Secrets - see in contents - it is a whole bunch of frameworks
        • 28 chapters - each a splinter framework
      • result is a funnel - what are the frameworks to teach?
      • For webinar
        • write the webinar - script
        • funnel
        • show up sequence
        • traffic
  • 5 day lead challenge -
    • taking one thing - make it a lead magnet
    • in 30 day challenge, we are going to go one step bigger
    • over 30 days focus on getting people one core result
      • the do it for yourself, do it with you, do it for you
  • example of getting more people to show up to webinars - turn that into a lead magnet, and give it away for free.
    • Core result plus splinter results - and build out a sales funnel for it
  • ultimate result - mount everest
    • core results - mountains to climb to get there
      • splinters
  • Want to focus on building just one funnel

The morning class is strategy - giving over all concepts

One pagers - these are each day, what to do

  • store the one pager for each day in your free account


  • One pager includes video of Russell at his house doing the assignment with us
  • question 1 : dream customer
  • question 2 : core result to get for your dream customer
  • question 3 : what other frameworks can you create, to put inside core result
  • question 4 : which framework is the sexiest, to become the front end offer
    • focus on this one for the front end of the funnel
  • question 5 : byproduct - for the order form bump
    • could be contracts you use
  • question 6 : done with you version - what would that look like
  • question 7 : done for you, what would that look like

Onepager also includes extra training for the high achievers

  • Jim Edwards
  • several videos from pretraining week - we must believe this will work
  • help us understand the overarching principles
  • Russell has launched and crashed more businesses than anyone - one of the videos talk about that
  • Video for people who say they are not technical

The essential tools….

Can build a onepager for your framework - powerful way to create one pagers

Funnelscripts is amazing tool makes writing the copy easier


Save the onepager for today in your account - it will save your notes, you can look through them later

Live every day at noon eastern.

Onepager is the tactics of implementation

Later in the day is live coaching, the implementation call, with coaches who have been doing this for over two years.

Get an accountability partner, a person, one person, who you can talk to directly - talk with them about the assignments, helps if you get stuck

Bonus notes

More reinforcement of the things covered today


  • This week
  • Core result - What is the core result you want to focus on?
    • examples:
      • “want to help people build and launch a webinar”
      • “invest their first stock”
      • “help people to get abs”
      • “lose ten pounds”
      • “get white teeth”
    • within core result, what are the splinter results
      • OFA is a core result - launching your first or next funnel
        • what are all the splinter things you need to learn to do this
        • must have something to sell
          • so will help create a product
        • create a funnel
        • create videos
        • create traffic
      • find the splinter results
      • inside of OFA - take one of the splinter results - it becomes the lead magnet
        • build basic 2 page magnet
        • drive people in there and build leads
      • then take the entire core result and wrap into a sales funnel
    • What is the sexiest thing you have to sell
      • out of all the things you sell, what is the one people are most interested in - flagship framework
        • We will build out and create it. For now think what it could possibly be
      • Example webinar: webinar funnel, webinar script
        • perfect webinar script is the flagship
        • exmaples of splinters for health
          • 1,2,3,4 - one of those for apps might be the one that makes peoples eyes pop - the thing they really want to learn
          • The flagship is the thing we create on the front end
    • Will sell the thing for $7-$10
    • - selling flagship framework for $7
    • Offer is all the other things to make it sexy
    • Other sub frameworks become things that go in the offer stack


  • people buy the 47 - $10 thing
    • then the order form bump - for an extra “$$$” also get this
    • this is a framework by product
    • anytime you create a product - also have a byproduct - lots of people will want the byproduct
  • OTO - one time offer - upsell
  • Someone suggestion: Go through the OFA and offer your notes and take aways as a lead magnet.
  • OTO transfers from do it yourself (OTO1) to we do it for you (OTO2)
  • levels:
    • book to do it on your own
    • masterclass - upsell - I do it with you
    • upsell: he does it for you
  • What is our amazing framework
    • do it yourself version


my idea: Book about how to tie your own shoe laces…. daily webinar where we tie your shoe laces together…. then the ultimate, I send you a daily shoe with already tied laces!

  • Todays One Pager


  • Importance of finding an accountability sponsor
    • partner with, and share ideas with
    • a little bit of pain if you dont meet your goals
    • Use the group, and accountability coaches
  • Dont stress about being overwhelmed
  • How do you go through OFA
    • some people do all the trainings, then try to do it all later
    • Much much better is to do each step as they are given.
    • Must have blind trust in what Russell is giving us to do
    • when told to do something - pause the video - and do the thing
    • bite sized chunks for the next 30 days
    • most days will be 30 minutes long, much quicker
    • this week: focusing on the page Russel drew

Tactics - Homework Instruction Video


  • Length: 14 minutes
  • Russel Brunson at home doing the same work at home - Showing what to do and how to do it
  • The best way to be successful at this program: (Russell has been teaching entrepreneurs for 20 years)
    • trust the program
    • Encouragement to do the assignments every day in the moment
    • do the homework - talk to the implementation coaches
    • Waiting and coming back later misses the momentum
  • be in the facebook group - that is where the community and communication happens
  • accountability partners
    • entrepreneurship is lonely, so find people who dream and think like you do
    • work together to make sure both successful
    • 03m:50s story of his first accountability partner - $10K exchanged checks - check cashed if miss a call, don't do the homework, etc. Miss something, and the check is cashed
    • exchange a promise with your accountability partner, something that increases the skin in the game helps
  • come and do the homework as quick as you can - if you get stuck, make use of the implementation coaches
  • 05m:47s over 70K people have gone through this - many people changed their lives
  • this OFA is updated version 2.0


  • Where we are at, where we are going
  • the doodle for each day
  • they stack on each other, so it is important to do them in order
  • Recount the questions
  • 08:00 - Serve in the community and help other people - serve them - help answer their questions - coaching other people and helping them “sharpens your saw”
  • homework is light today
  • 08:40 - extra videos for the high achievers
    • Jim Edwards
      • who is your dream customer, who is your customer avatar - talk about it in this video
      • Free version of funnelscripts light - super helpful
      • fill out the forms, gives outline of customer avatar - tells about dream customer
      • do this assignment
  • 10:00 three other videos for belief week
    • believing this process will work for you
    • why is belief so important
    • Russells OFA story - Russell tells his ups and downs
    • Who not the how - makes things so much easier - this will free you of important handcuffs
  • 11:10 - essential tools
    • He wants us to get the hardbound versions with the latest info, most updated frameworks
      • boxed set, with workbook
    • Clickfunnels - building out funnels this week, so get an account
    • Free one pager account to
      • Wants us to build 20 or 30 one pagers to give out to our customers
    • Funnel Scripts has some free tools
      • help for writing tons of copy
  • Next experience: 2 comma club live experience

Q/A Session Video Notes

Link: link

  • Length: 2 hours
  • Time: 12noon PST - 2PM
 .... Note to self: More notes to finish later ....

OFA Day 1 One Pager Template

  • Russell Brunson at home doing the same work at home - Showing what to do and how to do it


  • Question #1: Who is your dream customer?
  • Question #2: What is the “CORE RESULT” that this funnel will be creating for your dream customer?
  • Question #3: What are all of the different frameworks that you can create that will help someone achieve the CORE RESULT?
    • The First Framework
    • The Second Framework
    • The Third Framework
    • The Fourth Framework
    • The Fifth Framework
  • Question #4: Which framework is the sexiest, and would serve BEST as your front end offer?
  • Question #5: What is a by-product from that framework that you could offer as an order form bump?
  • Question #6: How could you create a “Done With You Version” of this framework?
  • Question #7: How could you create a “Done For You” Version of this framework?

Extra Training

Extra Training For the High Achievers:

OFA Day 1 Extra Training Notes

Creating Dream Customer Avatar


  • Video 1 - Critical Keys About Avatars and Sales Copy
    • avatar - simple person who represents your perfect prospect, your perfect customer
    • Define your avatar
    • proven strategy to figure out buttons for avatar
    • Story:
      • used to try and sell and say “my target audience is….” “my audience is someone who wants to write a sales letter….”
      • Problem: It is too general. Too hard to know what to say from them. Have to infer the hot buttons
      • Telling a story about your idea customer - talking, thinking, get understanding of who they are - a hero journey as it relates to you and your niche product
      • telling avatar a story, sales can go through the roof
    • Examples:
      • My avatar is a middle-aged unicorn who wants to lose weight
        • Why using unicorn - doesnt want to be so specific as real estate, so people can break out and consider this will work for them
      • This is not very compelling and doesnt help us write sales copy
    • Example of unicorn story
      • Fred is a hard working unicorn who dreams of becoming a successful unicorn
      • fred is frustrated weight is hard to keep off
      • How can he lose weight and keep it off this time.
      • Fred hung up on the idea some unicorns are born skinny
      • when all said and done, fred wants to feel great on every quest.
      • TO help Fred, I would invite him to check out my 28-day challenge, so he can live life as the most legendary unicorn in the kingdom, without working 80 hours a week
      • What makes this even better? He'll start to see results in as little as 30 days!
    • Once you can tell that story about Fred, you know his hot buttons
    • Specific hot buttons you should hit:

You must believe

One Funnel Away

Who Not How

OFA Bonus Class Redo the Next Morning

ofa_bonus_-_day_1_redo_notes - This was a redo of Day 1, from January 2021, fully incorporated in the above notes

Reteaching the last half of yesterday again.

Russell is a perfectionist, and over deliver to ensure our success.

This is a review of the 5-day lead challenge

  • What about if the ideas dont seem to work for my business?
    • Change question to how can this work for my business.
  • Taking a product and idea and looking around for who wants this, that is not a way to create a business.
  • Who am I called to serve? What is they end result my ideal customer is trying to get?
  • Your dream customer may just literally be you 5 years ago. Entrepreneurs figure out how to solve a problem. on the way, trial and error. We figure it out, then its amazing. We hear the call of contribution. We feel like we could help other people.
    • Who is it that you are literally helping? Ask what was the path I had to go on? What was your step by step process to get that result. Call this a framework. Framework is the process you went through to get a result.
  • Russell making a dorky idea of a potato gun into a business. Russell taught that path, step by step.
  • The framework is the key.
  • what if you say, I am a dentist, I dont have a framework? Yes, you went to school. then you flossed, and you brushed teeth, you have one piece of the process.
  • Some people just sell the product.
  • But they do better because they sell the framework that helps them get results with the product.
  • People who make the most money in survival, people who teach you how to build a bug out kit. The physical pieces are just components.
  • Trying to help your dream customer.
  • Different ways to help with that framework.
    • 1. Do it yourself fashion - you buy the 30 days book. Go read it and learn it. Go do this process.
      • What would the process you would do on your own to get back on top. Inside the book is 30 frameworks.
      • First level - do it yourself
      • Like a book or a video or a PDF / report - give them the framework, they are on their own to figure it out. The first level of value.
    • 2. Do it with them
      • Like the OFA day by day challenge
      • helping at a different level
      • breaking it down and doing it with you. A course or a workshop or a challenge.
    • 3. do it for you
      • how do I do it for someone? Like a service
        • Building a funnel for you - a service
        • One on one coaching - coach you through the process
      • Taking this framework and making different versions of it
  • How does this tie into the funnel we are making over the next 30 days. Three different tiers of value:
    • 1. do it yourself
    • 2. With you
    • 3. Done for you
  • A lot of types of funnels you can create.


  • 5 day lead channel - 2 phrase lead magnet
  • Do it yourself version, selling it for $7
  • Perfect webinar secrets - do it yourself version
  • Upsell page is the done with you version
  • Then a done for you version
  • Every day in this challenge, we will focus on one of these levels. When we get there, it will make sense.
  • Order form bump pays for the add costs
  • What is the order form bump? $27-$37 bucks. A framework by product
  • Russell shares a chapter - “Sell your by products”
  • Everything has a byproduct.
  • The lumber industry sell what used to be waste - mulch, particle board, etc.
  • People at a lumber company see their waste, but you may not see your by products.
  • blog posts, webinars,
  • 37 signals - book reading now is a byproduct
  • Filming a documentary of the production of a song is a by product
  • charcoal plant - kingsford
  • software companies dont think about selling books. bands usually dont think about the by product of documentary about how they make their music.
  • Example of how we are going from step 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tomorrow we will build out the framework for the first page.
  • People stress out about not having their big product.
  • Story of how he made his potato gun
  • Then he thought about who else might want to know how to make a potato gun
  • We are learning the steps and the process
  • This the goal over the next 30 days to learn all the pieces.
  • Product to help someone get into ketosis
    • Create a framework out of the steps to get into
    • You then own your own series of steps
    • Then later refer people to your
  • product is step 2 in the result. The ideal customer is step 1.
    • selling clothing - first step is why are people getting dressed up - figure this out and sell all kinds of products in between
  • Have faith in the process even if you dont full understand it.
  • What are the things people want to achieve?
    • What are the core results needed to get to the ultimate result.
    • We need to ask ourselves what are their core results to get to the ultimate result.
  • Talking about the secrets trilogy
    • What is each of the books giving as a core result - towards the ultimate result of a successful funnel
  • Splinter frameworks are inside each core result
    • dotcom secrets example
      • it is a framework for how to grow funnels, but all kinds of other frameworks too
      • Result is s framework - what are all the things we need to teach to achieve that result
  • today: What is ultimate result - what are core results - what are the frameworks to achieve that core result
  • Pick one framework
    • generate the three versions: do it yourself, do it with you, do it for you
  • This is a map of where we are going. It is one of the longest trainings.
  • Everyday streaming live to give strategy
  • When done - we are given a one pager - showing the actual tactics of how to implement what we are doing.
  • The foundational framework should be the sexiest, most exciting
  • What could a byproduct be?
    • Order form bump - the contract to use in sales….
  • How to figure out your dream customer - see the extra video by Jim Edwards
  • Three videos from the pre-training week.
  • Biggest part of making this successful is believing it will work.
  • Onepager - Russell is building onepagers for every chapter in his books
  • Save the onepager for all the onepagers from each day, so you can go back to see them.
  • Find an accountability partner
  • Have various groups for different kinds of businesses to find an accountability partner
  • Find a personal accountability partner, someone you can call up and talk to, you can hold them accountable. A partner makes the whole process a lot more fun.

Some questions from the chat today


  • C. T. - Those who have done OFA before, do you think it's possible to build 2 funnels at once? I'm trying to decide if I should focus on just 1 this time or if it's possible to build 2 at once for my two businesses.
    • My answers:
      • Very easy to get overloaded if you do this. Focus on 1 for now, and then next month do your second.
      • Here is a way to do two “at once”: Put all your focus into one of them…. But as you are doing it, if you get flashes of inspiration about the second, keep a list of those flashes about the second. Quickly write down the flash, get it out of your mind, and focus back on the first. Later you can go through those inspirations for the second while you are then focusing on it.
  • E.P.M.: What does Russell mean by the term 'framework'? In my case, the result was achieved by doing just one thing, not 6 like he describes in today's video.
    • My answer:
      • Can you break that one thing into multiple steps? For example was there any preparation needed? (For example obtaining the raw parts to build the potato gun.) Or how can the customer know they are a good candidate, is there anything they can do to prepare to get the best result? Is there a test so your customer knows they have reached their result? (How to test your potato gun.) Is there any special knowledge the user should have before they do the one thing? If you added each of these, your would then have a framework of four or five steps.
        • Let me know if that helps, or share with more specific about what your one thing is, and I will help you brainstorm some more about it! :)
        • E.P.M.: the one thing happens to be meditation. So should I break that down into multiple steps?
          • Yes, I think that has awesome opportunities for breaking down into multiple step! Here are some possibilities: 1) Selecting a place for meditation… 2) Readying the location for meditation…. 3) comfortable posture during meditation 4) transitioning from meditation back to the real world 5) effectively taking notes of inspirations revealed during meditation…. Lots of opportunities, don't you agree?
          • The whole point is to really list the steps it took you to use meditation to achieve the best results. Think about your journey to making meditation work for you, and try to remember all the “hacks” along the way. Is this meditation a long term commitment to a daily practice? Was yesterdays meditation better than your first? What things made it better, boom, extra steps! :)
          • And hopefully, those extra steps improve the chances of your customer achieving the result you achieved.
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