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And yes the background video is my flying work.

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Who is TheGarnet

TheGarnet, also known as The Hack, is someone who loves playing with all kinds of digital computer technology. From software, to hardware, TheGarnet has played with it all. 

What is The Web Mill

TheGarnet established The Web Mill Business district right at the beginning of the World Wide Web in 1994.

What else to say?

Have you checked out my article on how to use the content you put on Facebok to easily build your own website, and still enjoy posting on Facebook too?  Be sure to check out "Stepping Up My Facebook Game". Soon to be a whole series of articles.

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Garnet's Top Articles

COVID and hypertension

COVID and High Blood Pressure and drugs used for its treatment

I have been watching closely for articles on any link between the lisonopril side effect of dry hacking cough, and COVID mechanism of attack on the lungs.

TheGarnet's Wiki

My wiki is a primary place where I keep track of my latest research on various issues.

Who Sharpens Your Shears?

Garnet providees premium beauty shear sharpening in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Build your traffic, not Facebook's

Posts made directly on Facebook only build Facebook traffic, and are entirely at risk of deletion by Facebook

Making your substantial posts to your own website, keeps your content safe from deletion by Facebook glitches or algorithms. 

And you can  still easily post your own article as a link to Facebook to have it seen by everyone. But they go to your website to see it.

Some of My Facebook Pages

For Fun

Mockery Monkey is where you can experience my humorous takes on life.

I am a class clown in the George Carlin tradition.

When I find myself in times of doubt, I just ask “What would George say?”  

Get a daily dose of donut inspiration!

Remember, you can't pay someone else to eat your donuts for you.

Come taste the fusion of donuts and inspiration and motivation.

For business

Lift Up Studio is your source for beautiful aerial photography of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Also Lift Up Film...

The Facebook page for

Let Me Make Your Shears Cut Like Butter Again!

All Paws Go To Heaven is the best place for your dog to take a safe vacation. We offer save boarding, lots of love, treats, live video of your dog during their stay, walks ,and grooming consultations.

More to come....

Stay tuned...

I have been publishing websites since 1994. Here is an advertisement I ran in 2003: 

 If you don't have a website yet, you need one. Whether it's a website for yourself or your family, or your own business, or just to learn about how to make websites so you can add that skill to your resume, it's fun and educational to create a website. And I would like you to consider my newest web hosting service, Click11. This site offers affordable webhosting plans for all size sites. Every account includes easy domain name mangement, email, web management, and free online web design software. This web design software is very easy to use, and you do not need to install it or buy it! I've created a whole bunch of new websites using only the free online design software from Click11, including:

* Click11, and an Alternate Click11 marketing site,

* Jail.US the first maximum security web lockup,

* sample personal website with mini-bookstore,

* Garnet.US another one of my homes on the web,

* Village.JumpTo.US directory of websites with JumpTo.US web addresses, and more....

I created the first version of many of these sites in less than hour.

Also, with every web hosting package, you get month advanced support, included! Want to call and chat about your web design, or need a little help to improve your site? No problem, my time is included with every package.

And did I mention I am offering free trials? That's right, you can sign up without a credit card to try the system. I am sure you'll like the system, the support, and price. Go and try it today!

This video is from a mission I flew to document a construction crane being used in the construction of a two square block apartment complex in Richmond California.

I am a commercial unmanned aerial vehicle pilot, and I am available to fly for you. Contact me.

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