What I Am Reading Today: April 25-26, 2020

Many Experiments in One

So I am very much on the idea of building my own websites, instead of Facebook. My recent article Upping my Facebook game is the first in a likely series considering all the details of using Facebook activities to first build your own preserved collection of your writings, and then secondly share them with Facebook so others can interact with them.

Several goals to this page:

  1. Get stuff read - I open a lot of articles into new tabs, and then they just sit there. As a result, I often have over 90 tabs open. I am trying to keep that number down, so I decided to read them, make a quick note of their URL, and anything of note or to summarize them
  2. Study the mechanism Facebook uses to provide the article previews with a lot of examples
  3. Consider writing my own tool to produce previews of URLs
  4. Consider how to format this wiki page so that an automated tool could combine all the links into a formatted page for Mobirise web editor, along with the notes I took.

April 26, 2020 Update - This page is turning out pretty cool as I think of different kinds of sections to add to it.

  • I cheated and reused it for an extra day. When it gets too unmanageable, then maybe I will start a new page. Maybe this will function as a weekly digest. I will probably play with this page for a few more days to think about any more sections. Oh, another section idea: weird happenings
  • Plus I am down from 80+ to just 16 tabs in Chrome. Next need to do this with Safari….
  • Plus, this page automatically has a revision history tracking how it has grown to this point… This is why I love wiki so much.

Weird Happenings

Just got a call on a google voice number from 888-300-9827. I normally never take these kinds of calls especially if I dont recognize the number. But this time I did. Immediately nice music starts, “Welcome to AT&T” in a nice soothing female voice, and then it switches to chinese female saying something, and then hangs up. OOOOH KAAAAY!

Scanner SDS-100 Videos

Articles Read

  • Professional photographers making their instagram accounts private - https://www.buzzfeednews.com/amphtml/katebubacz/professional-photographers-instagram-private
    • avoid media companies embedding their images in their stories.
    • “April 13 ruling by US District Court Judge Kimba Wood, allowing media and entertainment company Mashable and other publications to continue to embed photos posted on Instagram without paying professional photographers for them.
    • “According to the ruling, as soon as you post them to the ’gram, your images aren't exactly your own. And some of those people who make a living in photography are pissed.
    • “Embedding is taking a post from Instagram (or another social media platform) and putting it directly into a story on another website. It shows the full frame of the post, and disappears if the original poster removes it from their feed.“
    • “This whole issue with the embeds directly impacts my ability to control where my work is published. I've had a few cases where publications have embedded my pictures and that's a direct hit against my bottom line. They're getting work for free that I should've been able to license,” said M. Scott Brauer, a photographer based in Boston who does both commercial and editorial work
    • “I capture every fleeting thought and idea in Evernote,” she says. “I’ve joked about the people who use the ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ bracelets. I’ve always trained myself to think, ‘Can this go in Evernote?’ I very much subscribe to the idea of it as an external brain.”
    • Rely on tags more than notebooks - add five or six tags to individual notes including “creativity” and “productivity,” as well as “work” and “career.” Another is “money.”
    • Specific time each week to review captured notes looking for connections
    • Check lists within evernote
      • Example: onboarding - “I’m a big believer in self-onboarding. I think probably because I’m a lover of words, and of writing, I don’t want to train someone. I want them to train themselves, essentially,” she says.
        • “They will walk themselves through our onboarding process, which has a litany of articles to read. It gives them case studies and various steps to go through. So for about two weeks when someone joins Soapbox Influence, they’re spending time in Evernote.”
    • The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies has clarified that personal service businesses, such as massage parlors, acupuncturists and hair and nail salons must wait until Friday, May 1 to open.
    • Meanwhile, some workers in the personal services industry worry that even next Friday may be too soon to open. An online petition asking Colorado to keep these businesses closed has already gathered nearly 8,000 signatures.
    • “I'm not comfortable with going back so soon,” said Brighton cosmetologist Anna Nelson. She has underlying conditions that put her at greater risk should she contract COVID-19 and her son has special needs. “I feel that it will compromise my health. It will compromise my son's health. Honestly, it would be irresponsible for me as a parent to even think about going back to work right now.”
    • In a fascinating post titled ‘You Won’t Believe what this One Line Change Did to the Chrome Sandbox’, Google’s Project Zero researcher James Forshaw revealed that Chrome is entirely reliant on the code of Windows 10 to stay secure. Moreover, Forshaw explains a new Windows 10 update recently broke through Chrome’s security with just a single line of misplaced code. Given Windows 10’s appalling recent update record, that’s not reassuring for either browser or platform
    • It’s important to point out that other Chromium-based browsers suffer the same risk (Opera, Brave, Microsoft’s new Edge browser), and that means you may tempted to quit Windows 10 if you are more wedded to your browser than your operating system
    • Samsung has figured out how to measure blood pressure with “pulse wave analysis” which uses the same sensors as its heart rate monitoring systems. It will initially roll out the update to its Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, but any Galaxy Watch device is said to do the trick, as the feature will be rolled out to other devices in the range.
    • Although you will need a traditional blood-pressure cuff to calibrate the watch once a month, when calibrated your BP will be accessible at the touch of an app.
    • “There are budget cuts and hiring freezes happening across marketing and across Google… We, along with the rest of marketing, have been asked to cut our budget by about half for H2.”
    • the collapse of travel related advertising may be one of the several contributing factors to a negative drag on earnings.
    • @searchmartin - When nearly 10% of your business is as a performance marketing supplier to Expedia and Priceline, and they stop advertising, the knock on effects are strong
    • While laws spell out what debt collectors can do, keep in mind they can’t harass you with harmful threats, use obscene language, lie about who they represent or falsely claim you’ll be arrested, according to the Federal Trade Commission.
    • While paying the debt at this point helps, the negative notation that the account had to reach collections before it was paid will remain on your credit report. This can impact your credit score for five years. However, paying off your debt in collections will help improve your credit score in the long run, and it’s better to have a collection account marked “paid” rather than one that is still open or charged-off.
    • Either way, the Federal Trade Commission suggests disputing the debt in writing. Prepare to send the collector a letter disputing it and be as specific as possible about why you think the debt is wrong. Remember: You have the right to dispute any debt that you deem as erroneous.
  • Fortem Tech - drone security - has restricted flight zone in Utah - Google search
  • Flying drones for recreational purposes - https://www.faa.gov/uas/recreational_fliers/
    • “Fly only for recreational purposes”
    • ”Do not fly at night unless your drone has lighting that allows you to know its location and orientation at all times.”

George Carlin

Website builder

and CMS of the new generation.


    • Roxboro salon - Person County, April 30
    • “At this point I feel like I’m almost fighting for just my freedom. The Governor is getting paid through all of this. $750 in a week. That doesn’t do anything for me. I have double bills – a mortgage and a rent payment, two light bills and two water bills, two internet bills. People will say, ‘maybe your landlord should give you a break.’ No he shouldn’t. Then I’m taking money out of his pocket. It’s like a trickle down thing. He has been so kind, but that’s not how this works. I should be able to come to work safely and cautiously and not be persecuted for it.”
    • Roxboro Chief of Police David Hess and Lt. Chris Dickerson went to the salon around 11:45 a.m. and asked Wesley to voluntarily comply with the order.
      • “We really, really want you to voluntarily comply with this,” Dickerson said. “I know it’s going to be difficult being at home and not having any income come in and I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry. But we cannot allow here is people in the city of Roxboro not voluntarily comply.”
    • When it set off on its trip, January 2020 with 2000 passengers, the 965-feet long vessel was among thousands of cruise ships plying the world's oceans. By the time the Deliziosa arrived back to Italy this week, it was the last cruise ship still at sea carrying significant numbers of passengers.
    • Those on board who completed the voyage have been revealing what it was like to cruise around the planet while the world descended into crisis – as destination after destination was struck from their itinerary, amid mounting fears the virus would climb aboard and wreak havoc.
    • Captain Nicolò Alba, on board the Costa Deliziosa.
    • Passengers Yolanda and Carlos Payá, posing on Easter Island during an early port call.
    • On March 13, Cruise Lines International Association, or CLIA, the body which oversees most major cruise companies, suspended operations from US ports, setting in motion a series of recalls that would see virtually all large leisure vessels scrambling to find safe harbor and get their passengers home.
    • “It was a strange situation because we practically saw the world closing down, with the various ports and countries that no longer allowed the arrival of people from outside,” he says
    • Alba and his team decided that the Deliziosa would head back to Europe. The official word from Costa was that the Deliziosa was going to continue its world cruise – just minus the port stops. The ship was still set to arrive back in Venice on April 26.Alba and his team decided that the Deliziosa would head back to Europe. The official word from Costa was that the Deliziosa was going to continue its world cruise – just minus the port stops. The ship was still set to arrive back in Venice on April 26.
    • When she realized they faced over a month at sea without docking, Seidler felt claustrophobic. By about day 10, she says, her mood had shifted.
    • “The average age on board was 75 years old, so were so worried. We just knew if we have [the virus] it's going to be an absolute catastrophe.” - Conny Seidler, dancer on board Costa Deliziosa
    • Hospitality workers on board work harder on days at sea, 12-14 hours a day
      • “It's Instagram,” says Seidler. “Of course, it all looks amazing, and I'm having fun, yeah, but let's keep in mind – this is what I said to my friend – you're forgetting, I've been stuck 40 days at sea. I am working every day. It's not all amazing.”
    • Despite anxieties, many of those on board recognized they were living in a bit of a bubble. While countries across the world introduced lockdowns, travel bans and social distancing measures, the Deliziosa's passengers continued to enjoy sunbathing, theater shows and fancy food.
    • One passenger passed away on board on April 6, according to port authorities in Italy, but the death was not believed to be related to coronavirus.
    • The ship arrived at its final port of call, Genoa, on Wednesday, April 22 and began disembarking that day. Costa coordinated travel back home for passengers, who were also issued with compensation.

Other reading

Research Projects

Growing Facebook Organically

    • Feb 14, 2019
    • era of declining organic reach, how can you still reach your full potential on Facebook?
    • Aftermath of 2018 algorithm change
    • organic reach for pages and brands down from 5% to 1%
    • Their tips:
      • 1. Mix up your post formats
      • 2. Go live
      • 3. Use attractive images and videos
      • 4. Find your best time to post
      • 5. Experiment with your posting tempo
      • 6. Focus on engagement first
      • 7. Never resort to engagement bait
      • 8. Make your audience feel something
      • 9. Start a contest
      • 10. Repurpose evergreen content
      • 11. Get verified on Facebook
      • 12. Ask your followers to turn on notifications
      • 13. Get your coworkers engaged
      • 14. Optimize your link posts
      • 15. Try a user-generated content campaign
    • In 2018, Facebook enacted some algorithm changes that negatively impacted a brand's ability to reach its audience organically.
    • Barely able to each 1% of 500K audience
    • paying to talk to people who already know about HubSpot, and presumably already like us, didn't sound the right thing to do.
    • six fundamental changes we made to our Spanish-speaking Facebook strategy to increase our organic reach over two and a half times.
      • 1. Think of Facebook as a publishing platform
        • Facebook as source of traffic - that is old facebook. FB is now trying to keep users on FB longer, so external links not held in high regard
        • Brands that only use Facebook as an amplifying channel for their websites, or blog, are going to suffer the most from the algorithm changes.
        • Their change: Think of creating content direct for Facebook. No external links.
          • My comment: Puts them entirely at the mercy of Facebook!!!!!
      • 2. Play by Facebook rules (engagement, engagement, engagement).
        • Figure out which kind of content works best, and move to it. It might be videos.
      • 3. Break up with paid boosting
        • Paying for boosting may not be a sustainable strategy
        • Focus on organic only means focus on which posts work for you
        • “only boost high-performing posts to generate extra engagement and reach, not clicks.”
        • Paid social is different from organic social
      • 4. Change the way you measure success.
        • Number of likes may be meaningless
        • “no point in having 500K fans if your posts are being seen only by 5K. I'd rather have 100K fans, and have most of them see my posts regularly – wouldn't you?”
        • Better metric - average reach per post
      • 5. Keep it organized.
        • Social posting calendar to make sure important areas getting regular focus
      • 6. Consider alternatives.
        • good performing ideas can lose momentum, and some ideas might not work to begin with

At the end of their article was this informative PDF; How to reach and engage your audience on facebook - copied PDF to Evernote

  • Google query: organically grow facebook followers

More to read:

New Funny Thoughts: HashTag #LaughToPower

Conversations Today

Here I am experimenting with tracking the threads where I engage in conversations. I post the same summaries as above, but then copy my comments, and with “Posted At:” keep a direct link to the FB article. Makes it easy to go back to specific threads to see what comments have been made, and maybe move those comments out to this page.

  • Orrin - my helium balloon magnet wire antennas - discussion
  • 99 days challenge group - Tellman - I am a class clown, in George Carlin tradition, so I have no problem making a fool of myself to get a laugh.. But the idea of doing these videos, oh my, OMG, thinking about it getting anxiety attack, butterflies, I am totally shy about recording myself. This could be just the thing I didn't realize I needed to do! HIMD score, high impact, maximum discomfort, this is rising to the top of my list. Mark Joyner is this a valid scoring methodology, lol? Are you going to join me in this challenge?

Trump Saying He Hasn’t Left The Whitehouse In Months

He put it in print!! Wow! And there are a lot of thankful people responding positively on the thread, not even taking the bait to argue with him, instead thanking him for all the things he is getting right.


Chat with HubSpot about their CRM

HubSpot CRM - https://www.hubspot.com/products/crm

What is your business looking for in a CRM? I'm here if you want to chat about how HubSpot's CRM can meet your needs.

What would you like to do next?

Chat about HubSpot features or pricing

6:00 AM HubBot Got it. I’ll see if there is someone available to help you. Okay — I'm going to connect you with the next available human, which should only take a few minutes.

Or if you prefer, you can book a meeting at a future date and time here: https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/salesinquiries?meeting_campaign=qualbot&meeting_funnel=content. 6:00 AM Isiah

Hi Garnet, this is Isiah from HubSpot sales. I am here to help you better use our free products or explore paid products we offer.

6:01 AM I am considering the CRM product.

I currently use a CRM software that is entirely local to my iPad called MyCRM. Unfortunately it is abandonware. But it has two really big features I can not live without:

6:02 AM 1) I get to create a wide variety of tags to add to my customers. My customers are hair salons, and their stylists. It allows me to enter hair salons, and then attach stylist records to the hair salons. Both records store the same info, just there are company and individual records associated with the company. Works well. As for tagging…..

6:04 AM I can add tags list “Propect” “Visited” “Visited-2020-04” “Customer” “Customer-2020-04” to any record, or remove them, as I want. I can then get subsets, like “not prospect and followup_05” for who is not marked as a sales prospect, but i have tagged as needs to be visited in May.

The querying via tags. Tag and tag and (tag or tag or tag). Is very powerful.

Then 2) I can put just that subset of records on a google map.

6:07 AM So I can start at some place in an area, and pull-up a st of tags Customers and Prospects and was a customer 3 months ago, and put just them on a map, and see if there is anyone nearby to visit that I haven’t seen yet

6:08 AM Isiah You can create up to 10 custom properties/tags for the contact and company records. You can also use those properties to generate certain lists. HubSpot does not integrate with google Maps

6:08 AM The system I am using, I add two tags every month. Visited-2020-04 and Customer-2020-04. I also have lots of tags like Cell. LandLine. Barber. Groomer. Has-Hanzo-Shears. Has-Cricket-Shears. Sharpen-George. Sharpener-Terry. I have probably 100 or 200 tags and any record might have a dozen or two dozen tags. At a minimum it might have. Prospect. Customer visited stylist visited-2018-04 visited-2018-08 visited-2019-04 customer-2019-04 not-interested-in-fb. Interested-in-aerial-photography. That might be a reasonable sample set of tags for a stylist.

6:12 AM oh yeah and that stylist would probably also have tags. Followup-03. Followup-06. Followup-09. Followup-12. Because ideally i want to visit that stylist in that area on those four months, so at the start of those months, I turn her and all the others with that tag, I add their prospect tag back to their record

6:13 AM Isiah Here are the default properties/tags that come in HubSpot, anything outside of this would need to be a custom property (which you get 10 of in the free crm) There are also tasks you can set up, so no need to create a tag for follow ups https://knowledge.hubspot.com/contacts/hubspots-default-contact-properties

6:14 AM Well, i may not get to the followup. I leave the prospect tag on until i visit, then i remove the prospect tag from each customer i visit. This lets me get tags of just stylists with prospect tag, so i see a gradually diminishing list of customers showing up on my map…. then whenever the followup month is for that area, i turn them all back on.

6:15 AM Isiah got it

6:16 AM Scanning that document. BTW my business is entirely about personally visiting the stylists to sharpen their scissors. I do absolutely no online interaction with them.

6:17 AM i contacted 200 of them about a 75% on my services during this California shutdown, and barely 3% answered the text messages and facebook messages. These are people who personally know me from my visits. I was shocked

6:19 AM 75% discount. If you could get your $40 oil change on your car for just $10, wouldnt that attract your attention? I was astounded when I only got 2 yeses out of 200, and none of them could recruit me any additional customers

6:20 AM Isiah That's great

6:21 AM Ok thanks. Not even sales force has a tagging feature like what I use in this software. They used to, but took it out of more recent versions. They have a 2000 character field that things can be typed in, but that is not the same, too easy to mistype the tag words. SW i use lets me select them from a list via check marks, and makes it easy to add new tags on the fly.

that and easy ability to create Boolean queries of the tags, works better than anything else i have seen.

thanks for your time

Can i have a transcript of this chat mailed to me?

6:26 AM Isiah Yes! What is your email address?

Discussion with Keith Ormerod About Photo Editing

Harvard Offering 67 Free Courses During COVID

Open America: Can barbers and stylists provide their service safely in spite of COVID-10

Challenge: I shared my url in a closed group. The post had to wait for moderation, so I didnt know what it’s URL would be. And once the post was approved, it then gets a url, but the closed group does not allow sharing, so no way to get the URL to the posting, at least not with the iOS Facebook app. I had thought that saving to collection gave an item whose link could be gotten, but it turns out the link saved is to the article mentioned in the posting in the group, not the post itself. So probably the right thing to do is to look at Facebook over the web, and grab the URL from there. Yes that works….

Posted at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OpenAmerica/permalink/227709718669416/

Nikon photography courses for free

    • Nikon photography courses for free
    • Orrin Craig Winton I watched three of the classes this morning: Landscape photography, basics of photography, and cinematography thinking with the purple haired pixie girl…..
    • There is no direct link to specific classes, kind of a dumb interface. But I think now I understand depth of field, and how the programmed modes work. I understood what the programmed modes were doing, but it seemed silly to adjust one thing and have the other work against me, so I always went straight to playing with manual mode, but not having much idea what I was doing. But now I understand better why to use them (because of depth of field effects), so I am planning some time to play with them soon.

Posted at: https://www.facebook.com/100000974491270/posts/3675895335786247/

Things to sign up for

    • SEJ’s content marketing guide:
      • What is content marketing? And, why does it matter?
      • Content guidelines: Why your brand needs a style guide
      • How content marketing has evolved
      • How to scale your content creation needs
      • The goals of content marketing
      • Content marketing types case studies: How content marketing benefits companies
      • Top 14 tools that will help you create better content
      • 20 places to share your content
      • How to integrate content marketing & SEO
      • How to create an editorial calendar for content marketing in 5 easy steps

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