Paul Chaney on CAD/CAM vs. the threat of exploring direct programming of G-Codes

Thoughts from a Facebook thread at FaceBook

Paul said…

  • Just about every company I ever worked for wants you to use a cad system for programming. That way you know just enough to make the machine work. If you know any more than that you're considered a threat. That being said I consider myself privileged to explore all the G-Code provided in program Manuel's at my discretion including sub-programs and macros, including the algebra and trigonometry that goes with it. Thank you


  • Bob Mulvaney - You mean cam system. And yes it dumbs people down. I learned G-Code and M code 25 years ago. Do the trig right Subs the whole nine yards at the machine if I have to.
  • Paul says:
    • It's fun for me I feel like I'm retired and making money doing it
    • Come on out to ProTech we got Turney centers that need programs
  • Bob: to Paul Chaney - No Doubt Mastercam makes it a hell of a lot faster. But I'm like you I like to fat finger at the machine.
  • Paul:
    • Swedish Mastercam for the Mills but we're trying bobcat for the Turney Center and the format is lacking
    • Setting the tool post for some toolmakers like donici doesn't work very well
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