How to be a great caller to coast to coast am

Tonight, listening to callers to Coast To Coast AM.

Analyzing the calls, I developed a great recipe for a good coast to coast call in:

Pick something barely related to what the guest is talking about, and three other random unknowns and conspiracy theories, and ask the guest to speculate on how they are all related. Guests seem to really love as George Norey feeds all these things to them.

Extra credit for describing (slowly and laboriously) your own theory about how they are related.

Extra points for claiming you are the reincarnation of someone related to what the guest is talking about.

Extra points for being the reincarnation of some historical figure a previous caller mentioned.

Extra credit for having the current guest speculate on how their topic relates to something mentioned in a question to the previous guest.

Have a catchy slogan or name for yourself (“beans, bullets, and Bible” man, or “God, guns, and gold” woman), and then try to get repeatedly on the call in line, and you can eventually be a regular character on the show.

Also, if you get on the show, they announce your name and where you are from, so be from.the most crazily named city you can find on a map.

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