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Importance of having a business card

By Garnet R. Chaney

I wrote this article in response to Mark Joyner saying:

People: Do you have a business card?

Me: No. Do you have a horse and buggy?

Unless you are in an old school profession where people take pride in not doing advertising, not being on Instagram, not being on FB. I dont need them to be into having a VBC in order to take their money to do the old school job of sharpening their shears.

Now how much business do I get for handing out my card, almost none, especially if it is leaving them at businesses I haven’t personally visited (like with a flyer).

But, a distinctive business card does have one advantage: Branding. Branding is about having the customer familiar with you by seeing and hearing about you over and over.

When they ask for my card, and I hand them my card, and they remember, “oh yeah, this red card with a Rose, ok, I know who you are because I seen your card in the break room, or I have one in my drawer,” having a business card can help establish your credibility. The other person seems to think “OK, this guy keeps coming through asking for my business, OK he is committed to this, he will be there for me in the future. “ I am seeing this happening a lot recently.

Reasons to have a business card

  • 5 reasons business cards still matter -
    • 1. Digital swamping of contact information is impersonal
    • 2. They are the most effective direct marketing tools
    • 3. Business cards make the first impression of your brand.
    • 4. Creative business cards get shared more and are more opportunities to market yourself
    • 5. Business cards are a sign of being prepared
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